ATR Reference:
UN Code: C4
NTM Type:

Issuing Agency


An authorized dealer shall keep complete and accurate records and accounts of importation and sale of firearms and ammunition, with the name, age, 2X2 picture, address, e-mail address and occupation of any licensed citizen purchasing a firearm or ammunition and the number of the firearm purchased and the amount and character of the ammunition purchased for each firearm.

The Chief of the PNP or his/her authorized representative shall also require the submission of reportorial requirements from a licensed manufacturer, dealer or importer of firearms and ammunition, such as the following:Â Production reports, Inventory of Raw materials, Sales Report, Inventory Report or Accomplishment report and other reports that the Chief, PNP may require.Â

Governing Law: IRR of RA No. 10591:

Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act

Applicable Section: Rule III Section 20(a)