About the Philippine National Trade Repository

The Philippine National Trade Repository (PNTR) is a web-based portal that provides a single source of comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information on all trade related matters e.g. import, export etc. Its establishment is an important component of Government’s trade facilitation strategy. A more transparent trade environment will allow business easier access to information and facilitate their compliance with prescribed regulations. The ultimate effect will be to reduce the amount of time and costs in trade transactions.

Moreover, the establishment of the PNTR is a commitment of the Country under the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA). Under the same, each ASEAN Member States (AMS) by 2015 must establish their respective trade repositories which will then link to the Asean Trade Repository (ATR). Similarly, its setting-up is in line with the Philippine obligation under the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation (WTO-ATF) to promptly publish and make readily available trade-related information. Finally, it is expected also that the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Member Countries will establish an APEC Trade Repository (ATR), requiring member economies to establish a portal containing trade information.

The Ad-Hoc Technical Working Group on PNTR (TWG-PNTR) under the Committee on ASEAN Economic Community (CAEC) is working for the setting-up of the Portal. The TWG is headed by the Bureau of Import Service (BIS) with membership consisting of 50 Trade Regulatory Government Agencies (TRGAs) and Trade Policy Related Agencies.

These agencies have actively participated in the various meetings of the Working Group and contributed trade related information for the Portal. These ensured that the PNTR is a success in providing trade information to importers, exporters and the public in general.

The Vision

One Location

Every thing needed for trade in the Philippines in one location, all forms, all data, all processes all right here.

Easy Access

Quick easy access to everything related to trade, no more endless google searches, no more frustration, just information and increased transparency.

Live Database

Need to know about importing or exporting bananas? Just search for bananas and all related documents, regulations, tariffs and other information will be waiting for you.