What is the PNTR?
The Philippine National Trade Repository (PNTR) is a single source of comprehensive, accurate and current information on tariff and non-tariff measures applied to goods entering, exiting and transiting the Philippines, including domestic regulations and procedures administered and enforced by customs, and by other government agencies.
How does the PNTR help facilitate transparency in trade?
It provides greater transparency as trade-related laws and regulations passed, promulgated and enforced, including tariff and non-tariff measures, are uploaded in a single portal that is readily accessible to traders, government agencies, and the general public.
Where does the PNTR get its information?
Information in the portal is provided by 53 Trade Regulatory Government Agencies (TRGAs).
When was the PNTR launched?
The PNTR was launched on August 1, 2017
Why the need for a PNTR?
Under the ASEAN Trade In Goods Agreement (ATIGA), an ASEAN TRADE REPOSITORY (ATR) should be established by 2015 and made accessible to the public through the internet.
What is the ATR?
The ATR is an ASEAN-level IT interface that links ASEAN Member States’ National Trade Repositories.
What are the Elements of the PNTR?
a. Tariff Nomenclature
b. MFN rates, preferential tariffs offered under this Agreement and other Agreements of ASEAN with its Dialogue Partners
c. Rules of Origin
d. Non-Tariff Measures
e. National Trade and Customs Laws and Rules
f. Procedures and Documentary Requirements
g. Administrative Rulings
h. Best practices in trade facilitation applied by each Member State
i. List of Authorized Traders of Member States
How can I find information about a specific product or commodity?
The PNTR has a COMMODITY SEARCH function where information on almost every type of commodity is available by searching for its ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN) codes or description.
What does the PNTR offer for importers?
IMPORTERS and traders can browse specific import regulations, procedures and the documentary requirements of various Trade Regulatory Government Agencies.
What about exporters?

EXPORTERS can access to easy to follow guides to exporting products all around the world.

What if I need more detailed tariff information?
The PNTR’s first 3 elements, the Tariff Nomenclature, MFN Rates and Rules of Origin are linked with the Tariff Commission’s Enhanced Tariff Finder where searching for the preferential tariff rates of commodities becomes readily available.
What other resources are available on the PNTR?
The PNTR is linked to various portals such as the DTI Philippines, the Bureau of Customs, Tariff Commission, Export Marketing Bureau, the ASEAN Trade Repository, the APEC Trade Repository, MSME Marketplace, the BOI One Window Network and the Bureau of Philippine Standards.
Where can I get more information?
Queries about the PNTR may be addressed to the:
Bureau of Import Services (BIS)
3F Tara Bldg, 389 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue
Makati City, Metro Manila Philippines
Telephone No.: +632-4031420
Email: bis_pntr@dti.gov.ph
Website: www.pntr.gov.ph/ www.dti.gov.ph