Non Tariff Measures

Certification per purpose of the Horse

ATR Reference: Certification requirement
UN Code: A83
NTM Type: Certification Requirement

Issuing Agency

Department of Finance
  • 5 Visayas Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1128 Metro Manila
  • 8528 2240 local 1302/1304 or 8528-2240 local 11501 to 11504
  • 89282429, 89281778


The importation of horses requires a certification of purpose:

a. Race Horse- certification from Stud Book and Animal registry Division (SBARD) and Philippine Racing Commission;
b. Riding Horse- bona fide owner of an accredited riding school or member of a recognized riding club in the Philippines;
c. Polo Horse- member of accredited and duly registered Polo Club in the Philippines;
d. Work Horse- proof of actual need of the horse

Governing Law: Administrative Order No. 15, Series of 2001:
Applicable Section: Section 2.24