Non Tariff Measures

Inspection at the Port of Entry

ATR Reference: Inspection requirement:
UN Code: A84
NTM Type: Inspection Requirement

Issuing Agency

Department of Finance
  • 692 San Andres Street, Malate, Manila
  • 85292987, 82512272, 8404-0409, 82442950
  • 85217650


48 hours before the arrival of a consignment at preliminary border inspection, the importer shall notify the concerned DA Border Inspector by filling out the Application for Import Inspection. There is a preliminary and final border inspection that is required by the department.

Governing Law: Administrative Order No. 9 Series of 2010:

Rules and Regulations Governing the Importation of Agricultural and Fish and Fishery/Aquatic Products, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Other Agricultural Chemicals, Veterinary Drugs and Biological Products int the Philippines

Applicable Section: Section VI para. 9