Non Tariff Measures

Issuance of Standard Certificate of Airworthiness to an import aircraft

ATR Reference: Certification requirement
UN Code: B83
NTM Type: Certification Requirement

Issuing Agency

Department of Finance
  • Old Mia Road, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
  • 79442151, 79442152
  • None
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An applicant for a standard Certificate of Airworthiness for an import aircraft type certificated in accordance with this Part is entitled to a Certificate of Airworthiness if the country in which the aircraft was manufactured or previously registered certifies, and the Authority finds, that:

(1) The applicant presents evidence to the Authority that the aircraft conforms to a type design approved under a type certificate or a supplemental type certificate and to the applicable Airworthiness Directives of the State of Manufacture;
(2) The aircraft has been inspected in accordance with the performance rules of this regulation for inspections and found airworthy by persons Authorized by the Authority to make such determinations within the last 30 calendar days; and
(3) The Authority finds after an inspection that the aircraft conforms to type design and is in condition for safe operation

Governing Law: Philippine Civil Aviation Regulation – Part 5 (Airworthiness):
Applicable Section: Section (a)