Non Tariff Measures

Inspection requirements prior to issuance of Certificate of Airworthiness

ATR Reference: Inspection requirement
UN Code: B84
NTM Type: Inspection Requirement

Issuing Agency

Department of Finance
  • Old Mia Road, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
  • 79442151, 79442152
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Prior to the issuance of a Philippine Certificate of Airworthiness, the applicant/operator/importer may be required to submit the aircraft, for inspection, by CAAP Airworthiness Inspectors and to carry out any work called for. To avoid possible prolonged grounding of aircraft it is necessary that said inspection be carried out at the manufacturer’s or operator’s facility where the aircraft is purchased, unless otherwise directed by the Airworthiness Department. For this purpose, the applicant /operator /importer will bear all the cost in connection with the travel of the CAAP inspectors abroad. In case of importation of first of its kind aircraft, training of two (2) CAAP inspectors may be required at the cost of the operator.

Governing Law: CAAP Memorandum Circular 18-12 (Series of 2012):

Importation requirements for Aircraft and Aeronautical Products

Applicable Section: Section 3.4