Commodity Details

Chapter 48.20 Registers, account books, note books, order books, receipt books, letter pads, memorandum pads, diaries and similar articles, exercise books, blotting-pads, binders (loose-leaf or other), folders, file covers, manifold business forms, interleaved carbon sets and other articles of stationery, of paper or paperboard; albums for samples or for collections and book covers, of paper or paperboard.
Commodity 4820.20.00 – Exercise books

For Imports

Regulating Agencies

Department of Finance
  • 2401, Prestige Tower, Emerald Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila
  • 89293887, 85706198, 86871804
  • 86871804

Legal Basis

Permits, Clearances, Certifications

  • National Book Development Board Authority to Import

Requirements & Procedures

Documentary Requirements

National Book Development Board

  1. Application Letter from the publisher addressed to the NBDB
  2. Duly accomplished and notarized NBDB Application Form
  3. If importing raw materials to comply with a DepEd contract, a copy of the DepEd invitation to bid and receipt for the purchase of bidding documents should be submitted to NBDB.
  4. If importing raw materials to publish textbooks for private schools, a production schedule (detailing the book titles, number of copies to be printed, number of raw materials to be used and projected date of completion) should be submitted to the NBDB.
  5. Pro-Forma Invoice / Price quotation form paper supplier
  6. Quantity and Sufficient Description of Raw Materials to be used in publication or printing of books.
  7. End-user justification as to the reasonable necessity of the raw materials to be imported.
  8. Computation of taxes and duties to be waived with tariff heading and duty rate indicated.
  9. Such other documents / information as may be required by the NBDB or the relevant government agencies, including the bond requirement stated in Rule II Section II of the R.A. 8047 also known as 'The Book Publishing Industry Development Act'.
  10. If it is an association that is importing, each and every publisher/printer that the association is importing for should provide all the necessary documents in this rule.


National Book Development Board

  1. Applicant submits a duly notarized NBDB application for tax and duty-free importation, together with the required documents*, and pay a non-refundable filing fee of One Thousand Pesos (Php1,000.00).
  2. NBDB examines the adequacy and authenticity of the documents submitted by the applicant.
  3. Once everything is in order, the NBDB Executive Director endorses the application to the Governing Board for its approval. This can be coursed through a regular Board Meeting or through a referendum.
  4. If the application is approved, the NBDB will inform the applicant to pay the appropriate processing fee equivalent to one percent (1%) of the total taxes and duties to be waived.
  5. Immediately upon payment of the processing fee, the NBDB will prepare a letter of endorsement (addressed to the government accredited financial institution) for the applicant's application to post a performance bond equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of the total taxes and duties to be waived in favor of the NBDB.
  6. Applicant posts a performance bond with the government accredited financial institution.
  7. Once the Performance Bond Certificate is released, the applicant surrenders the original copy to the NBDB.
  8. Once the NBDB receives the Performance Bond Certification, the NBDB Executive Director issues a letter of endorsement addressed to the Department of Finance-Mabuhay Lane
  9. The NBDB Secretariat will assist the applicant to the DOF in terms of filing and payment of DOF's filing fees.
  10. DOF process the application and issues an endorsement letter for the Bureau of Customs (BOC).
  11. NBDB Secretariat picks up the DOF endorsement and provides the applicant with a photocopy of the document.
  12. NBDB member proceeds with importation of paper.
  13. NBDB monitors importation from release from port to actual usage of paper
  14. Publisher/printer submits a liquidation report upon completion of production; and a request to release their performance bond.
  15. NBDB issues a letter to the government-accredited financial institution to release the performance bond of the publisher/printer.


  1. NBDB – Importer Registration
  2. NBDB – Product Registration if in Commercial Quantities

Import Status


For Exports

Regulating Agencies

Department of Finance
  • 2401, Prestige Tower, Emerald Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila
  • 89293887, 85706198, 86871804
  • 86871804



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