Non Tariff Measures

Serial Number Registration Report

ATR Reference: Traceability information requirements
UN Code: B85
NTM Type: Traceability information requirements

Issuing Agency

Department of Finance
  • LTO Compound, East Avenue, Quezon City, 1100
  • 879219075, 89219069
  • None


Any person engaged in the importation, distribution, and buying and selling of motor vehicles, motor vehicle engines, engine blocks, chassis or body, shall keep a permanent record of one’s stocks, stating therein their type, make and serial numbers, and the names and addresses of the persons from whom they were acquired and the names and addresses of the persons to whom they are sold, and shall render an accurate monthly report of his/her transactions in motor vehicles to the LTO

Governing Law: R.A. 6539:

Anti-Carnapping Act of 1972, as amended by R.A. 10883 – New Anti-Carnapping Act of 2016

Applicable Section: Section 10