Non Tariff Measures

Compulsory Registration of Motor Vehicles

ATR Reference: Traceability information requirements
UN Code: B85
NTM Type: Traceability information requirements

Issuing Agency

Department of Finance
  • LTO Compound, East Avenue, Quezon City, 1100
  • 879219075, 89219069
  • None


Dealers shall submit to the Director of Land Transportation a report concerning the sale or transfer of or any other transaction involving motor vehicles, including such information as importation, manufacturing data, and number of stocks remaining, as the Director may require for the effective enforcement of the provision of this Act within five (5) working days from such sale, transfer or transaction. Such dealers shall furnish also the buyer with a duplicate copy thereof, duly authenticated by the Director of Land Transportation.

Governing Law: R.A. 4136 – Land Transportation and Traffic Code:
Applicable Section: Section 5 (c)