Commodity Details

Chapter 85.19 Sound recording or reproducing apparatus.
Heading 8519.80 – Other apparatus :
Subheading 8519.89 – – Other :
Commodity 8519.89.30 – – – Of a kind suitable for cinematography or broadcasting

For Imports

Regulating Agencies

Department of Finance
  • BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • 89244010, 89244072, 89244075
  • None
Department of Finance
  • Scout Limbaga Ext, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • 8374-0217 / (+63 2) 7905-1678
  • None
  • / /

Legal Basis

  • OMB Memorandum Circular No. 2005-001 – OMB Memorandum Circular No. 2005-001 Guidelines For Registration And Licensing
  • OMB Memorandum Circular No. 2012-001 – OMB Memorandum Circular No. 2012-001 Streamlined List of Requirements for Registration and Licensing
  • NTC Memorandum Circular No. 9-08-91 – NTC Memorandum Circular No. 9-08-91 Guidelines in the Sale, Purchase and Importation of Various Radio Communication Equipment Intended for Use in Private and Government Owned Radio Communications Networks
  • Republic Act No. 3846, As Amended – Republic Act No. 3846, As Amended An Act Providing for the regulation of radio stations and radio communications in the Philippine Islands, and For other purposes
  • Republic Act No. 9239 – Republic Act No. 9239 An Act Regulating Optical Media, Reorganizing For This Purpose The Videogram Regulatory Board, Providing Penalties Therefore And For Other Purposes

Permits, Clearances, Certifications

  • License to Import
  • License to Import / Authority to Import

Requirements & Procedures

Documentary Requirements

National Telecommunications Commission

Attaching the following documents (online applications thru NSW):

For Dealer/Manufacturer of CPE (Commercial Use):

  1. Copy of Proforma Invoice
  2. Technical Specifications
  3. Type Approved Certificate of Equipment
  4. Copy of valid Permit (Dealers Manufacturers Permit/CPE Accreditation)
  5. Air Way Bill for Release Clearance only.

For Individuals/Corporation

  1. (Own-use/Company Use not more than 5 units):
  2. Copy of Proforma Invoice
  3. Technical Specifications

Optical Media Board

Requirements for Registration and Licensing of OPTICAL MEDIA BUSINESS (Per MC-2020-001_RLD licensing_edited_06.07.2021)


  1. Duly filled up and notarized application form in duplicate copies;
  2. Two (2) pieces latest photo of the applicant with signature at the back;
  3. Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.); and
  4. Notarized Affidavit indicating the applicant’s source of rights, supplier, and distributor and shall specify whether the items sold are second-hand, refurbished, brand new, or mixed (


  1. Certificate of Business Name from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI);
  2. Valid NBI Clearance (photocopy to be compared with original).


  1. Certificate of Incorporation duly issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);
  2. Latest GIS with stamp receipt of SEC; and
  3. Board Resolution with Secretary's Certificate authorizing the applicant to sign in behalf of the Corporation.


  1. Certificate or Contract from supplier/distributor/dealer;
  2. Submission of notarized list of clients/customers (upon renewal of license);
  3. Submission of Summary Report of applied import/export permits, if applicable (upon renewal of license).


  1. Registration/license as Importer and/or Export;
  2. Register online to National Single Window (;
  3. Affidavit of Undertaking (;
  4. Certified copy of Contract and/or Certificate of Ownership from the Source of Rights;
  5. Airway Bill of Lading;
  6. Certified copy of Commercial Invoice (import) Pro-forma invoice (export);
  7. Packing list;
  8. Import/Export Permit fee: Php 500.00 / way bill or bill of lading.


  1. Commercial Replication Permit of the Titles (for export only);
  2. Letter of Request addressed to the Chairman (required);
  3. Sample of the materials (if required);
  4. For Software: Description of the software (photocopy of the inlay will do) and name of the publisher;
  5. For Music/Audio: list of Song titles, names of featured recording artists, and the title of each work recorded, PARI Cert;
  6. For Manufacturing Equipment: Description of Equipment;
  7. For Manufacturing Materials: Description of the manufacturing materials;
  8. Certified copy of Airway Bill or Bill of Lading (after the shipment for export).

Complete List of OMB import/export permit requirements (


National Telecommunications Commission

  1. Applicant will register online thru and create application.
  2. Applicant submits application online with required documents (import requirement) to NSW.
  3. NTC-NCR receives and checks the completeness and correctness of applications.
  4. If the application found to be complete/correct, NTC-NCR will indicate the necessary fees to be paid by the applicant.
  5. If the application is not found complete/correct. NTC-NCR will mark the application pending with corresponding remark/s for the applicant to comply. The applicant shall update their application and resubmit.
  6. Applicant pays the prescribed fees through ATM/Bancnet accredited by NSW.
  7. NTC-NCR process and authorizes the applications.
  8. Deputy Commissioner will approve the Permit.
  9. Permit is approved. The permit is available at NSW/BOC and may be printed.

Optical Media Board

(Prior to application of Import/export Permit, Licensing must be done first.):

    NOTE: For Online Application for Registration and Licensing via OMB Portal, Go to
    Basic Guide to Online Registration & Licensing (
  1. Secure and fill up Application Forms for Import and/or Export Permit for regular clients. Fill up the application form online through the Philippine National Single Window ( or kindly download OMB Import / OMB Export Application forms.
  2. Print form with the corresponding bar code number.
  3. Have it notarized and submit forms with complete requirements to the Registry Receiving /Assessing Officer for checking and assessment of fees.

-- If the website is down, manual application forms are available.


  1. Secure OMB Application Form for Import and/or Export Permit and list of requirements from the front line receiving/assessing area.
  2. Submit the duly filled-up and notarized application form with complete requirements to the Registry Receiving/Assessing Officer for checking and assessing of fees.


  1. OMB – Registration Requirement
  2. OMB – Import Permit for Optical Media Materials and/or Equipment
  3. NTC – Registration Requirement
  4. NTC – Permit to Import

Import Status


For Exports

Regulating Agencies

No Regulating Agencies



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Tariff Schedules

Visit the Philippine Tariff Commission (TC) through its Philippine Tariff Finder (PTF).