Commodity Details

Chapter 84.71 Automatic data processing machines and units thereof; magnetic or optical readers, machines for transcribing data onto data media in coded form and machines for processing such data, not elsewhere specified or included.
Heading 8471.40 – Other automatic data processing machines :
Subheading 8471.41 – – Comprising in the same housing at least a central processing unit and an input and output unit, whether or not combined :
Commodity 8471.41.10 – – – Personal computers excluding portable computers of subheading 8471.30

For Imports

Regulating Agencies

Department of Finance
  • BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • 89244010, 89244072, 89244075
  • None
Department of Finance
  • Scout Limbaga Ext, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • 8374-0217
  • None

Legal Basis

  • OMB Memorandum Circular No. 2005-001 – OMB Memorandum Circular No. 2005-001 Guidelines For Registration And Licensing
  • OMB Memorandum Circular No. 2012-001 – OMB Memorandum Circular No. 2012-001 Streamlined List of Requirements for Registration and Licensing
  • NTC Memorandum Circular No. 9-08-91 – NTC Memorandum Circular No. 9-08-91 Guidelines in the Sale, Purchase and Importation of Various Radio Communication Equipment Intended for Use in Private and Government Owned Radio Communications Networks
  • Republic Act No. 3846, As Amended – Republic Act No. 3846, As Amended An Act Providing for the regulation of radio stations and radio communications in the Philippine Islands, and For other purposes
  • Republic Act No. 9239 – Republic Act No. 9239 An Act Regulating Optical Media, Reorganizing For This Purpose The Videogram Regulatory Board, Providing Penalties Therefore And For Other Purposes

Permits, Clearances, Certifications

  • License to Import
  • License to Import & Authority to Import

Requirements & Procedures

Documentary Requirements

National Telecommunications Commission

Attaching the following documents (online applications thru NSW):

For Dealer/Manufacturer of CPE (Commercial Use):

  1. Copy of Proforma Invoice
  2. Technical Specifications
  3. Type Approved Certificate of Equipment
  4. Copy of valid Permit (Dealers Manufacturers Permit/CPE Accreditation)
  5. Air Way Bill for Release Clearance only.

For Individuals/Corporation

  1. (Own-use/Company Use not more than 5 units):
  2. Copy of Proforma Invoice
  3. Technical Specifications

Requirements For registration And Licensing Of Optical Media Business (Per MC-2012-001 effective October 4, 2012)


  1. Letter of Application addressed to the Chairman;
  2. Duly filled up and notarized application form.
  3. Two (2) pieces latest 2x2 signed photo of the applicant
  4. Picture of the establishment's facade with permanent signboard
  5. Comprehensive Location Sketch of Establishment
  6. Floor plan of establishment
  7. Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.) of business establishment
  8. Contract from Source of rights and/or Suppliers
  9. Special Power of Attorney, if needed


  1. Certificate of Business Name from DTI
  2. NBI Certificate


  1. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws or Articles of Partnership
  2. Latest GIS with stamp receipt of SEC
  3. Board Resolution with Secretary's Certificate authorizing the applicant to sign in behalf of the Corporation
  4. List of officers and members of the Board and their Addresses/Contact Details


  1. Alien Certificate of Registration
  2. Passport (Photocopy, Present Original)
  3. Visa


National Telecommunications Commission

  1. Applicant will register online thru and create application.
  2. Applicant submits application online with required documents (import requirement) to NSW.
  3. NTC-NCR receives and checks the completeness and correctness of applications.
  4. If the application found to be complete/correct, NTC-NCR will indicate the necessary fees to be paid by the applicant.
  5. If the application is not found complete/correct. NTC-NCR will mark the application pending with corresponding remark/s for the applicant to comply. The applicant shall update their application and resubmit.
  6. Applicant pays the prescribed fees through ATM/Bancnet accredited by NSW.
  7. NTC-NCR process and authorizes the applications.
  8. Deputy Commissioner will approve the Permit.
  9. Permit is approved. The permit is available at NSW/BOC and may be printed.

Optical Media Board

1. Secure and fill up Application Forms for Import and/or Export Permit FOR REGULAR CLIENTS (Prior to application of Import/export Permit, Licensing must done first.):

  1. Fill-up application form online through the Philippine National Single Window URL:
  2. Print form with the corresponding bar code number.
  3. Have it notarized and submit forms with complete requirements to the Registry Receiving /Assessing Officer for checking and assessment of fees

-- If website are down, manual application form are available.


  1. Secure OMB Application Form for Import and/or Export Permit and list of requirements from the front line receiving/assessing area. Forms may also be downloaded from
  2. Submit the duly filled-up and notarized application form with complete requirements to the Registry Receiving/Assessing Officer for checking and assessing of fees.


Import Status


For Exports

Regulating Agencies

No Regulating Agencies



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Tariff Schedules

Visit the Philippine Tariff Commission (TC) through its Philippine Tariff Finder (PTF).