Atty. Sherwin Prose C. Castañeda, Ms. Semiramis G. Billones and Ms. Ma. Rosario C. Mendoza of the Bureau of Import Services and Secretariat of the Ad-Hoc Technical Working Group on the Philippine National Trade Repository (Ad-Hoc TWG-PNTR) participated in the Regional Workshop on the ASEAN Trade Repository Interface held in Bangkok, Thailand last March 10, 2015. The Activity is was organized by the European Union-ASEAN Regional Integration Supported by EU (EU-ARISE) based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Technical Experts from EU-ARISE lead by Mr. Paolo R. Vergano presented to the participants the proposed Asean Trade Repository (ATR) Portal. Each National Repositories of the ten (10) ASEAN Member States are required to link with the ATR. The whole day event is devoted to conducting simulation exercise to link the information of the National Trade Repositories (NTRs) to the ATR.