Commodity Details

Chapter 71.18 Coin.
Heading 7118.90 – Other :
Commodity 7118.90.20 – – Silver coin, being legal tender

For Imports

Regulating Agencies

Department of Finance

Legal Basis

Permits, Clearances, Certifications

  • Authorization letter from the BSP

Requirements & Procedures

Documentary Requirements

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

  1. A formal request for importation of more than PHP10,000 indicating, among others:
  2. The total peso amount to be remitted with breakdown;
  3. Source of the pesos and purpose of the transport of currency;
  4. Mode of transporting the currency (whether to be sent as unaccompanied baggage or to be brought by a representative); and
  5. Name of the person with identification papers who will bring the money, as may be applicable.


Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

  1. Applicant submits a formal request to BSP prior to importation.
  2. BSP checks documents and information.
  3. Upon resolution of issues (if any), the BSP issues an authorization letter.


  1. BSP – Import Clearance to bring in blank coins of various materials

Import Status


For Exports

Regulating Agencies

Department of Finance


The export of this commodity is currently regulated. Please contact the regulating agency above for export requirements and procedures.


  1. BSP – Prior Authorization

Tariff Schedules

Visit the Philippine Tariff Commission (TC) through its Philippine Tariff Finder (PTF).